About us

3 мая 2024

Republican Ophthalmological Hospital was founded on December 15, 1984. by order of the Ministry of Health of the DASSR No. 227-P dated 27/11/1984

The hospital is the clinical base of the Department of Ophthalmology of the Dagestan State Medical Academy.

The hospital employs highly qualified medical personnel: 60% of doctors are categorized, and 72% of them have the highest category. Of the 48 doctors, 5 doctors have a scientific degree (1 doctor of medical sciences and 4 candidates of medical sciences), 16 doctors have government awards.

The Republican Ophthalmological Hospital provides all types of specialized care free of charge (in the compulsory medical insurance system).

The hospital has a capacity of 230 beds. Operational unit with modern equipment and tools.

The Consultative and Diagnostic Department conducts daily visits, except Saturday and Sunday from 800 to 1530 hours. The department is designed for 24,000 medical visits per year.